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Photographer Matthew Mahon’s Fab Flash site

Imaginative, innovative and fun, Matthew Mahon’s site gives a great food for thought about how to present a portfolio of work and professional details on the web. The photos and odd bits of life’s detritus dotted around the place are also buttons and many contain lovely surprises. I particularly liked the animated way he interacts with his photos and the Matthew Puppet.


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Experimenting with Header Image

I’ve designed my own header image, but I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with it. A darker version may look better. I produced some alternative designs yesterday, so I may change it. All the designs layer a number of organic lattices together in Photoshop Elements – but now I come to think about it, the image ought to include a technological lattice too. After all, that’s what this network is all about, connecting living organisms through technology. So back to the digital drawing board.

A note on Performancing For Firefox
I’m writing this in PFF, which I’m finding very convenient and user friendly. A very clear interface and lots of useful features.

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