Casting my net a little further – writing, art and e-motion

X is tense

Xroads + link = anxiety

Crossroads are extremely charged spaces. Here choices are made, fears and facts overlap, and the alien first shows its face: strange people, foreign tongues, exotic and delightful goods and information.

from TechGnosis by Erik Davis

The hyperlink sits at a crossroads. You have to make a choice to click the link to go somewhere else, somewhere different, perhaps somewhere strange. To click an unknown link you must be prepared to leave the familiar behind. Each click, each choice is a little moment of anxiety. There’s a moment of tension, a little thrill, perhaps a pause before you click – or maybe you rush into it, click-happy and reckless. But for X…

X is tense

It’s the fear of what lies beyond the link, beyond the door. Dare X open it? Dare X grasp the handle? The click of the catch as the handle turns the lock, the creak of the hinges, the groan of the wood, the scrape against the floorboards.


You’re in an unknown space. What lurks here? Where will it lead? Will you be trapped? Can you retrace your steps? Or is there another way out, another door, another link? But to where? Click back.

Click your heels for there’s no place like home.

Click three times

No place



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Art that moves, moving art, the art of moving, moving pictures, movies, e-motion

I like art that moves me and that’s the kind of art I aim to create. What do I mean by art? Anything really, an all encompassing definition that includes writing, new media and multimedia forms. I’m particularly interested in the potential of art and writing on the web, of hypermedia and especially Flash to move an audience/reader/viewer/user.

In this category I want to explore the idea of e-motion – the power of online artforms to move kinetically and emotionally. I’m also interested in the way the viewer/reader/user moves through or into a piece – navigation, yes, but also the immersive power of the experience, which surely relies on engaging the emotions to some extent.

I’m placing markers, dropping anchors, throwing lifelines, buoyed by the potential of this space. Feeling my way around. šŸ™‚ Any thoughts (or feelings), please comment.

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Hello world! go write

So here I am starting to blog – crissXross – drawing connections – joining up the dots – crissXross – casting my net a little further. What am I going to write about? I don’t know (and I’m feeling slightly nervous now, tying myself up in knots). Go write!

Write go


A good word to start off with.

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